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Contactless Anticovid Kit

We help to return your guests back
-- SAFELY --

Provide protection
not only for your guests

PostCovid’s time is approaching fastly. To help with the quick return of guests, we have prepared with Bookassist a Contactless Anticovid Kit for receptions. The aim is to make your accommodation available in the phone of your guests, so guests can be in touch with you without any time without unnecessary physical contact.

Contactless Anticovid Kit Contactless will allow you to
  • Communicate
  • Check-in
  • Inform
  • Up-sell
  • Check-out





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Welcome WHO UNWTO - Top healing solution

MyStay Contactless Kit is the winner of the Tourism Challenge by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the most complete worldwide solution to mitigate COVID-19's impact on tourism.


  • Web based, without a need to download application
  • From reservation till the guest departure
  • Proven by hundreds of travel accommodations worldwide
  • Used by more than 1M guests
  • Unlimited number of email templates
  • Up to you what features you turn on
  • Must start until 1. 8. 2020
  • Can be turned off at any time without obligaitons


Communication preview

Create and automatically send to your guests messages with information about the stay, your internal processes and the hygienic measures, and your services before arrival, during stay and after departure. You have available unlimited number of email templates and possibility of the timing changes.


Contactless Check-in

Obtain a digitally processed and signed PDF registration form that meets all legal requirements before arrival of your guests. Verify identity of your guest online without any physical contact, or having guests at the reception. Before arrival guest receives an email with a link to the registration form, which will be digitally filled and personally signed by the guest. All completed forms can be stored in digital form or print.

If the payment is not done online, the guest will only make payment at reception. Hotel keys can be left in locked boxes and the PIN can be sent to the guest in advance via MyStay.


Contactless Information

Answer all common guests questions about Wifi information, payment options, arrival and departure times, breakfast, restaurant opening hours or COVID-19 related policy. Put together the most frequently asked questions, so the guest doesn't have to go to the reception. The content is fully editable.

Instead of paper map use the online map with editable pins. It allows the guest to track information by themselves and you will not need to print any paper instructions.


Contactless Up-sell

Even with smaller amount of guests you can still MAXIMIZE our revenue from each of them.
Offer and directly sell:

  • transfer
  • room upgrade
  • parking spots
  • breakfast and other room service
  • outdoor activity
  • bike rental
  • late check-out

Contactless up-sell admin

Guests can find a service according to their preferences, including the price and necessary information. They order or request the booking of the service via your guest web. Then you will receive a notification, so you can manage the order.


Contactless Check-out

Get information from your guest about minibar consumption, payment method, and invoice details. Let them review, accept or decider the bill. After check-out, instead of paper invoices, you can automatically send an invoice by email according to the guest's preferences.

All of this is happening online! Guests can access it from the comfort of their hotel room and without waiting at the reception.

We want to become a safe accommodation

How to do it?

  1. Fill the form above [1min]
  2. We will create you a profile and send you login details [until 24 hours]
  3. Set up your profile [30-60min]
  4. Watch video workshop [15min]
  5. Upload your first guests [5min]

and that's done.

MyStay Integrations

Guests can be easily and quickly uploaded manually or automatically via PMS.

Why we do this?

Initial forecasts point to national tourism after easing of measures and comeback of foreign tourists during a summer. However, guests will be different, they will pay much more attention to increased health and safety measures. And because victory loves preparation, the time to prepare is now.

Since day one, we have been as human beings united and solidary. This is one of movements how we can help you, all hoteliers no matter of size and type and all travelers worldwide to restart hospitality and travel in postCOVID era. Our system, which we have been building for several years alongside with the most passionate hoteliers, can help. Fast and free.

We believe that local governments will also see how we all in hospitality are trying to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 infection by minimizing the physical contact and will release tough measures more quickly.

Please do not look for any business move in this, we and the entire MyStay team have become very modest so that we can make our software available to you free of charge during the crisis.

So please, feel free to use it, we all want to travel and do our business again.
It's done for you. ;)

With ❤️ to traveling Your Pavlína & MyStay team

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